Jobs — Software Designers / Software Engineers

PLEASE NOTE: at present we have no vacancies in the software development area: content on this page describes what we look for if that situation should change.

In the past we occasionally had vacancies for talented and enthusiastic software designers / engineers to work with us on a variety of applications. Former recruits have worked on the likes of The Register, Training Pages (for which we have received venture funding) the Geographic Search Engine Somewherenear, and a (yet to be launched) e-commerce project selling financial services off-shore, plus our overall training and consulting work.

We are keen to work with people like ourselves: good technical skills coupled with enthusiasm for the subject and a deep and abiding interest in producing systems that work.

We don't do a lot with Microsoft platforms but aren't bigoted about it (much).

There is no micromanagement: you will have to feel comortable working as part of a team where you are expected to contribute not just technically but also to the broader range of topics that get discussed around the office. You will want to take control of your own time and be responsible for most aspects of delivery — from analysis through to creating working software.

Specific job skills will include fluency in a C-like language, ideally C++ and Perl, good familiarity with HTML and general webby stuff and finally, you won't look blank if someone mentions third normal form. You probably have a degree in computer science or a higher degree in a technical subject coupled with practical programming experience. Ideally you will have one to two years of experience but we are flexible and provide a welcoming environment for talented individuals even if just starting their career.

The ideal person would also be interested in contributing to our training delivery. This means a certain amount of poise and self-confidence, but don't be frightened if you've never done it before; it's easier than it looks and is extremely rewarding.

We encourage a polished and professional image, so a moderately smart appearance and a punctual approach to timekeeping shouldn't be something that makes you uncomfortable.

Members of our staff range from those with a vast amount of experience in just about every corner of our industry, through to those just getting started. Overall we try to be flexible in our approach but always to keep focused on getting the job done well, on time and working reliably. Teamwork is important; though everyone has ownership of their own part of (or all of) each project, everyone in the office is a professional at their own job and can and will help with expertise from their field.

Above all - we want to enjoy the work we do, surrounded by people who do their job well and enjoy what they are doing. If that sounds like you, get in touch with us! We vastly prefer CVs in open standards document formats, such as plain text, HTML, or PDF. Word documents are acceptable.

Please Note: We are only interested in candidates who already have the legal right to work in the UK, or can acquire it under their own steam.